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Level One with IQ
 from  $0.02 per square inch

Level Two with IQ

from $0.025 per square inch

Level Three with IQ

from $0.03 per square inch

Custom quilting is priced in a range

Light Custom - means light quilting such as meandering; no rulerwork or templates, simple CC design and one simple border design.

starts from  0.03$ per square inch

Medium custom - means using rulers, templates, some stitch in the ditch and more detailed quilting, outlining large simple shape applique, sashing design or two border designs with SID between the body and border

starts from 0.035$  per square inch

Heavy Custom - means using lots of intense quilting, stitch in the ditch throughout the quilt, customized borders and motifs. Outlining detailed appliqué (as opposed to large simple shape)

starts from 0.045$  per square inch.

Minimum charges






Machine sewn to front of quilt 

$1/linear foot

Machine sewn front and back


Machine sewn/handstitched to back



Batting are available for your convenience at reasonable pricing and for an additional fee.



$0.005 per square inch

Prepearing the quilt

Squaring, pressing, trimming threads, etc


 $20 per hour, minimum $10 charge

Thread charges

Basic threads

$8.00  and up depending on type and total amount used

Variegated/specialty threads

$12.00 and up depending on type and total amount used

Pricing is subject to change

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