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1. Best of Show

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3. First Place in Category "Pieced Large"

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This quilt was made from a wall hanging quilt kit I purchased from "Jinny Beyer Studio"in 2007.Then in 2008 I lost my dear husband to an illness.After he passed I tried to keep myself busy cutting fabric from the kit and piecing it together.The way the many colors move from one to another in this quilt remind me of the movement of love and life.As I went along I made the decision to use the wallhanging as the center of a larger quilt.I then redesigned around it with the "Electric Quilt"program.I pieced it and quilted it on my domestic Bernina 440 machine.I very much enjoyed the trapunto effect used in this quilt.This quilt was truly a labor of love in memory of my late husband Ken


1. Second Place in Category "Other Techniques"

2. Vendor's Choice

In March, 2011 my grandmother would have celebrated her 100th birthday. She loved gardening and always had lots of flowers all around. Poppies were one of her favorite flowers and orange and red were her favorite colors. This was the inspiration for me to design a quilt in her honor with her favorite flowers and colors. It was machine pieced and for the flowers I did free hand embroidery on the domestic machine “Bernina440”, and used a thread painting technique. I then quilted it on my long arm machine.


1. First Place in Category "Other Techniques"

2. Vendor's Choice

For a very long time I wanted to make a quilt out of silk.  I decided to make a whole cloth silk quilt using Kim Bruner’s “Feather Swan” motifs in the design.  I took different parts of the motifs and incorporated them throughout the quilt using my long arm machine. There were many decisions in how I should redesign it.  I enjoyed the whole process very much.

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