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Preparing the Quilt Top:

Once I see your project, I will talk to you right away to discuss ideas, prices and the estimated work time.

If your quilt top has a definite 'top edge' be sure to safety pin a note indicating that.  Also, please note that the batting and quilt backing needs to be 4" wider on each edge than the quilt top.  So if the top measures 60" x 80"; the batting & backing need to each measure 68" x 88".  This extra fabric and batting allows me to load your quilt properly onto my longarm machine.  If your backing fabric has a directional print or special blocks or labels please be sure to safety pin a note to that effect.

Your quilt top should be pressed and trimmed of any loose threads.  Remember, those loose threads on the backside of your quilt top can give your quilt a 'varicose vein' look if they are not removed prior to quilting.  If there are an excessive amount of loose threads they may incur an extra labor charge to remove them.

Your backing fabric and batting should be square on all 4 edges to allow the best alignment with your quilt top.  If your backing and batting need to be re-squared by me there will be a labor charge to cover that.  For best results, be sure to trim of the selvedge edge if you have a seam in your backing fabric.  Most people like to use a 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance and press the seam to one side.

 When your quilt is complete, I will send you pictures.  Then your quilt can be shipped back to you, or if you live in the area you may pick it up at my studio.  

Payment for services and shipping are due within 5 days of the completion of your project.




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