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Creative Quilting Designs and Quilting  are my specialty here at Quilting Treats. I am a professional Award-Winning Quilter who provides the Highest Quality Long Arm Computorized or Free motions Quilting Services  including Custom Quilting from Simple to  Heirloom and Pantograh from very simple to really complicated. 

The techniques used in patchwork (quilting) constitute a craft with rich centuries-old traditions.  Indeed, people from different countries at various times made real masterpieces by combining patches of multicolored fabrics that they had cut into geometrically shaped pieces.

It is notable that patchwork was born from the need to save. When, in the 18th century, emigrants from England, Holland and Germany came to settle in North America, they found themselves in dire need as the money they had was not enough to buy new clothes or even the fabric to make them! Therefore, good pieces of cloth from worn-out clothes were used to tailor garments, make blankets, bedspreads and rugs.

The new wave of interest in quilting, a patchwork technique, was caused by the technologic boom of the last three decades and cultural evolution.  Quilting has steadily gained in popularity since 1970.

Quilting can be compared to painting, using material instead of paint, and needle and thread instead of a brush. And, as if by magic, a masterpiece can be created by a skillful designer.

Original patchwork items will change the atmosphere of a house by adding a feeling of comfort. They can be used in a kitchen (tablecloths, napkins, pot holders); in a living room (sofa cushions, decorative panels); in a bedroom (bed covers, pillowcases). These creations are made with a craftswoman’s own hands and thus they forever retain a small part of her soul. Each area of the world has styles that are unique solely to that region.

The exchange of communication and experience between different schools and styles is very important for the development of any art process. By observing and developing traditions the modern masters are developing amazing new patterns and discovering unusual color combinations.

Today, patchwork is immensely popular in almost every country in the world.

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